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At Energised Automotive we can help with all your hybrid diagnostic needs

As a leading hybrid car mechanic, we use the latest diagnostic testing equipment from AECS and other suppliers for our advanced engine diagnostics.

This world-class system allows us to quickly and effectively scan your hybrid vehicle for faults, building a clear picture of what the problem is. Our team is regularly trained on electronic faults, in-house on a weekly basis and with specialist trainers regularly throughout the year.

Some of the warning lights you may see on your dash are:

  • Engine warning light

  • ABS warning light

  • Coolant warning light

  • Bulb warning light

  • Service due light

  • Airbag warning light

  • Suspension warning light

  • Brakes warning light

  • SOS warning light

  • Washer fluid warning light

  • Emission warning light

  • DPF warning light

  • Tyre pressure warning light

Why it's important not to ignore warning lights

Warning lights on your dash are a sign that something isn’t working as it should with your vehicle. While it could be as simple as a faulty sensor, it could also be something that requires immediate attention. Our team can quickly run the appropriate diagnostics to let you know what’s happening, giving you a clear picture of what your vehicle needs to get running at its best again.

Contact us for all your hybrid vehicle diagnostic needs.