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At Energised Automotive we can help with all your hybrid brake needs

Your brakes are one of the most critical systems in your vehicle, and while they’re in use all the time, you want to know they’re working correctly before you need to stop in a hurry.

Why replacing your brake fluid is essential

We recommend replacing your brake fluid in your hybrid vehicle every two years and offer this as part of our comprehensive hybrid service. Over time, brake fluid absorbs water, accelerating brake component failure in your vehicle. Regular brake fluid replacements can slow down this process and prolong other components of the braking system, cutting down on
brake repairs.

Getting the most from your brakes

A well-maintained brake system is the key to safe driving. Our team clean down each part, ensuring good contact between the components and limiting vibration for a safer and more comfortable driving experience. A little more time spent here improves the effectiveness of your braking system for peace of mind driving.

Our hybrid brake repair services include:

  • Brake pad replacement

  • Brake disc machining

  • Brake line repairs

  • Handbrake repairs

  • Disc rotor machining

  • Brake fluid replacement

  • Drum brake repairs

Contact us for all your hybrid vehicle brake needs.